Youth Kung Fu

A perfect start into the world of martial arts for children ages 7-14. Our Youth Kung Fu classes are divided into levels to insure the constant improvement and growth. Our classes will teach your kids confidence, self defense, discipline, a strong work ethic and self reliance.

Youth Kung Fu – White and Green Sash
  • Basic Stances and Traditional Exercise
  • Intro to the 6 basic Xiaolin Workouts
  • Fundamental Padwork and fighting drills
  • Stretching and conditioning workouts
  • Fun ways to approach physical fitness
  • Introductory Self Defense Technique and theory
  • Intro to response drills and free style application
  • First 4 Traditional forms – Continuous Fist, Eight Kick, Xiaolin Fist, 9 Dragon fist
  • Basic aeriel work
  • Verbal self defense
Youth Advanced – Blue and Yellow Sash
  • Advancing all material covered in the beginners class
  • Upping the intensity on the 6 Xiaolin workouts
  • More advanced pad combos and bagwork
  • Advancement in fighting drills
  • Introduction to theory and “how it works”
  • Advanced Traditional form – Tong Bei, Continuous Fist part 2, Sun Fist, Lohan Kune, Xiao Hong Kune
  •  Intro to take-downs and grappling
  • Intro to Randomized self defense and technique
  • Advancement to multiple partner response drills
  • More advanced aerial technique
Youth Elite – Orange, Red, Junior Black Sash
  • Extending all limits on the 6 Xiaolin workouts
  • Adult level pad combos and bagwork
  • Advanced theory and application
  • Full range technique including groundfighting and defense
  • Elite level Traditional form – Long Fist, Chat Sing, Dai Hong, Lo Hop, Pao Chuan, Tai Hun
  • Paired empty hand form
  • Application of form and advanced theory
  • Randomized self defense for real world use
  • Preparing for adult level Kung Fu
  • Intro to armed attacks
  • Leadership and Self discipline
Youth Weapons -White to Yellow
  • Basic staff twirling and drill
  • Fundamental staff forms, Dagger, Butterfly knives, Dan Dao (broadsword)
  • Basic paired staff application
  • Paired single short stick drills
Weapons Advance -Yellow to Junior Black
  • Advanced staff work
  • Advance form – Wind and Fire rings, Advanced staff (yin shao gun), Spear, Kwan Dao, Double Dan Dao, 3 Section chain
  • Paired Weapons forms
  • Single and double short stick theory, drills and application
  • Knife defense and theory
Youth sparring – Blue Sash to Junior Black
  • Self control and sportmanship
  • Full safety equipment required
  • Full range fighting from standing to the ground
  • Continuous and point fighting depending on student level

Risk Free Trial: 3 weeks and a uniform for just $39!

  • Attend as many classes as you like for 3 weeks. Weeks are consecutive.
  • Restrictions by age and rank apply.
  • Uniform will be given the first day of class.
  • Trial membership starts first day of class.
  • Trial membership expires if not used within 1 month of purchase.
  • Limit one trial membership per customer. 
  • New members only. Past members, current account holders may not participate.
  • May not be combined with other offers or discounts. 

Before starting your first class:
* Please plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your first class to ensure that you will have enough time to change clothes as well as meet the instructors and other students.
* Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing, such as sweatpants or loose pants, t-shirts, etc. Please do not wear tank-tops or shorts.

For more information please email us at or call (718) 340-3883. We are also on Instagram (@xiaolinmartialarts) and Facebook (@xiaolinmartialarts). We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.