Adult Kung Fu


Our adult classes are great for adults of any age and level. Our experienced staff work with every student to show them how to improve their lives through the practice of Kung Fu. With the finest blend of traditional form, exercise, progressive theories and drills of fighting, self defense and conditioning we help students of all to set and achieve their goals.

Kung Fu Workout

  • Our unique cycle of workouts optimize your body for the practice of Xiaolin Martial Arts
  • Fundamentals – Traditional stances, strength training, punching, kicking and stretching
  • Line Drills – Xiaolin Kicking, aerial work and tumbling to each students level
  • Pad work – Boxing and kicking combos to optimize speed and stamina of attack and response
  • Bag Circuit X – 2 minute round starting on the heavy bag. Truly intense!
  • The Cards – Working as team we go through a deck of cards with each suit representing an exercise. Conditioning at it finest.
  • Stamina Drills – Simple punching and kicking drills mixed with core training to work on sheer conditioning and stamina
  • Form workout – and advanced workout combining traditional form with a mix of whole body exercise. The complete whole body training experience!

Kung Fu

  • Traditional Xiaolin Form  – Continuous Fist, Tong Bei Chuan, Chat Sing . . .
  • Method based fighting drills to optimize application at all combat ranges
  • Theory and application
  • Self defense techniques to stop a fight before it happens
  • Scenario training
  • Defense against an armed opponent

Adult Weapons

  • Drills, twirling and dexterity work
  • Form from Staff to Sword to Chain
  • Knife, staff and stick paired drills and application
  • Paired weapons forms
  • Weapon v Weapon Application

Iron Wire

  • Hard Qi-Gung – Iron Wire Form
  • Full body contact conditioning
  • Iron Palm
  • Iron Vest
  • 3 star hand
  • Shin conditioning

Black Sash Kung Fu

  • Advance level Form- Tak Wah Five animal, Fu Hok, Fu Jow . . .
  • Randomized application
  • Fighting drills
  • Expression of theory

Adult Sparring

  • Stand up and ground fighting
  • Application of all drills and technique
  • Hands on instruction as you work
  • Invitation only

Tai Qi/Qi Gung

  • YI Jing Jing
  • 18 Tiger Qi Gung Form
  • Yang Style Tai Qi Short Form
  • Xiaolin Diamond Fist
  • Tai Qi broadsword
  • Internal Gim
  • 8 Silk Brocade


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