Youth Kung Fu

A perfect start into the world of martial arts for children ages 7-14. Our Youth Kung Fu classes are divided into levels to insure the constant improvement and growth. Our classes will teach your kids confidence, self defense, discipline, a strong work ethic and self reliance.

Youth Kung Fu – White and Green Sash

  • Basic Stances and Traditional Exercise
  • Intro to the 6 basic Xiaolin Workouts
  • Fundamental Padwork and fighting drills
  • Stretching and conditioning workouts
  • Fun ways to approach physical fitness
  • Introductory Self Defense Technique and theory
  • Intro to response drills and free style application
  • First 4 Traditional forms – Continuous Fist, Eight Kick, Xiaolin Fist, 9 Dragon fist
  • Basic aeriel work
  • Verbal self defense

Youth Advanced – Blue and Yellow Sash

  • Advancing all material covered in the beginners class
  • Upping the intensity on the 6 Xiaolin workouts
  • More advanced pad combos and bagwork
  • Advancement in fighting drills
  • Introduction to theory and “how it works”
  • Advanced Traditional form – Tong Bei, Continuous Fist part 2, Sun Fist, Lohan Kune, Xiao Hong Kune
  •  Intro to take-downs and grappling
  • Intro to Randomized self defense and technique
  • Advancement to multiple partner response drills
  • More advanced aeriel technique

Youth Elite – Orange, Red, Junior Black Sash

  • Extending all limits on the 6 Xiaolin workouts
  • Adult level pad combos and bagwork
  • Advanced theory and application
  • Full range technique including groundfighting and defense
  • Elite level Traditional form – Long Fist, Chat Sing, Dai Hong, Lo Hop, Pao Chuan, Tai Hun
  • Paired empty hand form
  • Application of form and advanced theory
  • Randomized self defense for real world use
  • Preparing for adult level Kung Fu
  • Intro to armed attacks
  • Leadership and Self discipline

Youth Weapons -White to Yellow 

  • Basic staff twirling and drill
  • Fundamental staff forms, Dagger, Butterfly knives, Dan Dao (broadsword)
  • Basic paired staff application
  • Paired single short stick drills

Weapons Advance -Yellow to Junior Black

  • Advanced staff work
  • Advance form – Wind and Fire rings, Advanced staff (yin shao gun), Spear, Kwan Dao, Double Dan Dao, 3 Section chain
  • Paired Weapons forms
  • Single and double short stick theory, drills and application
  • Knife defense and theory

Youth sparring – Blue Sash to Junior Black

  • Self control and sportmanship
  • Full safety equipment required
  • Full range fighting from standing to the ground
  • Continuous and point fighting depending on student level







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